Sliding Scale Pricing

All of my products are listed on a sliding scale pricing system because I feel that equity is more important than equality and I want to reflect that in my jewelry pricing.

This is not a sliding scale to allow you to choose what you think a piece I’ve made is worth. I price pieces based on the market value of the materials and the time it takes me to make them. The median price listed is the value I have set for the piece I have made.

The sliding scale pricing allows you to choose where you feel you should pay based on the hierarchical nature of our culture.  If you often move through the world a little easier because of privileges you didn’t earn, you should consider paying on the higher end of this scale. If you face discrimination unfairly because of oppressive institutions you should consider paying on the lower end of this scale.

I know this is probably pretty clunky, bizarre to navigate, and could be improved upon. I’m definitely open to suggestions and feedback! Supporting myself as a jeweler while maintaining anticapitalist ethics will always be a struggle for me, and I’m always here for the hard discussions around it.

Regardless of how you choose to pay, I will respect your choice with confidentiality.